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Wanessa-Sue INC. is a leader in innovation for the preformed building materials industry and our products utilize technology that we developed right here at Wanessa-Sue.  Our goal is to make the process of building with our panels as easy and cost efficient for the homeowner or contractor as possible.  Once we have your plans our design team handles the creation of an engineered blueprint to use our panels in your design.

At our Kingman Arizona plant we have a small but capable team working to create the best possible quality preformed building panels.   Our building process was pioneered by founder Wanessa Pence and the process has now been perfected so we are able to efficiently produce whatever our clients need on demand.  Your new panels will be delivered on time and ready to assemble.

One unique feature of our company that we are particularly proud of is that Wannessa-Sue INC. is 100% veteran owned and operated.  We LOVE America and believe in the American Dream, so much in-fact that we have all gone to fight for our country when called upon.

Wanessa-Sue INC. is member of the International Code Council, NAHB, UES, the US Green Building Council and The National Association of Professional Women.

Wanessa Pence the owner is in the office on most days and would love to help you with any questions regarding their fine building panels.

Wanessa-Sue, Inc is Veteran owned and all team members are veterans.