Building Process

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This truck has the exterior and interior wall panels to build a 2800 sf. home with a 9′-0″ plate line.

The panels are all labeled to enable the installers quick and easy installation.

At this stage of construction you can see the efforts equaling (12 hours of labor per person), by three first time installers.

1…A 70 year young woman.
2…A 71 year young man.
3…And a 73 year young home owner.

We did it,  SO CAN YOU.



Finished Home

As you can see this  home looks like any other home. The benefits of this home is it is green built. With the exterior and interior walls being  steel framed polystyrene building panels, there is no heat or cold transfer from the out side to inside or inside to out side. No wind through electrical outlets, mold resistant, no chance of termite, and best of all the home owner is enjoying an approximately ( 65% ) lower utility bill in a total electric home.